Well, you see I am looking for a nice strat. I have played an american strat and loved it but unfortunately I can't just drop $1000 like its nothing so I am looking to a cheaper alternative. (Was originally gonna get a Highway One but eh I don't like it as much as when I first tried it)

I'm looking at a Fender Classic Players Strat

Its a MIM strat but it has three differances:
1. Comes stock with vintage american noiseless pick-ups
2. Has a differant (thicker) neck (which is a plus for me)
3. Has 7 differant pick-up configurations (but I probobly wont use the 2 extra ones anyway)

So what do you guys think of this guitar?
I don't wanna sell my Epi Les Paul, but then again I really don't like it that much. Only play it when Im in that "mood". But do you think its really worth it to sell it so I have the money for an american strat? In other words, is an american strat really all that much better.

Sorry for being so chatty.
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well you can always watch http://www.musiciansfriend.com for scratch and dent strats , it will usually be a very minor scratch or ding but youll save anywhere from 300-400$ on it probally and youll more than likely end up dinging it yourself , scratch and dent can also mean that the box that it was shipped in arrived pretty damaged but the guitar was fine so keep that in mind
I've got a Classic Player 50s, and it's a really good guitar. They have mostly American parts, even a SSS routed body instead of a HSH routed one. I don't know where it says theres 7 pickup configs though...

Well, you should get one if you really want it. They're really good guitars. They match the American Vintages sound, quite a bit.
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Find those second hand MIJs, they sell less than a MIM or MIA but play very well.
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MIJ unless Squier sell for far more than MIM and even lower end MIA (and deservedly so, those early/mid 80s MIJ strats are far better) .. and a MIJ Squier will be a lot better than MIM outside of the highend MIM and maybe even then since there's a few different MIJ grades in quality. If you want to go cheap, try the new Squier Classic Vibe series, they're getting raves from the Fender/Telecaster forums and others. I played one of the new Squier CV Duo Sonics and was so impressed I ordered one. But then I always wanted a shortscale for travel n stuff.
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