hello, I hope I put this in the right place.
I looked at some of the contests here on UG and I figured that I might want to enter in one of them(so maybe I can win a guitar)
and the question is simple:

can I enter these contsts even if I live in Norway?

also, does it cost anything to enter a contest?

It doesn't cost anything to enter, and you should be able to enter even though you live in Norway.

Edit: Whether or not you can enter living in norway will probably depend on who the contest is run through.
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ok, so some contests I can enter and some I can't. ok thanks

and one more thing:

are these contests where you have to answer questions and stuff or is it just "enter and win" ?
ok, maybe I'll try out the ones where you just enter your e-mail and name

another question

do you have to be a certain age to enter?
awesome thanks!

I entered one contest now and I hope I win.

thanks for answering my questions guys!