today i play at a blues festival (although it might be rescheduled for next week) in front of at least a few hundred people but up to 1000 or more. its a pretty big deal for me because im only 17 and have never played in front of that many people before. i get 1 solo and 2 small outro solos. im not that nervous right now but i will get butterflies in a few hours. my main solo is on the first song too.

any tips for relaxing? im sure i have everything but i want to be sure so what should i bring? what should i eat beforehand?
Good luck for your show (:

I myself played in front of a crowd of around a thousand people or more at some festival thingy. 'twas fun, to say the least. Well all I did to relax was make sure I pee'd before I got onstage, smile, have fun and chill. Don't think too much about playing, because if you do you'll screw up. The playing should come naturally to you now too, and don't worry if you **** up. Pretend as if nothing happened, because the audience never notices unless they know the songs really well or something. Eitherway, have fun and good luck!
Don't drink before hand. Srsly. Avoid any narcotics. Just practise your chops before you go onstage.

Edit: Good luck too

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Don't drink to relax. Just practice your solos and your scales for a while before you go on stage to stop your hands getting shaky etc.

EDIT: Good luck.
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