I got this guitar 2 years ago and it barely gets used so I have thought about selling it for something more useful like a tele. What would be an acceptable asking price considering it is in pretty good condition ( one 0.5cm dent in side-barely visible). I paid £850 for it new.

I know some people on here will think I'm insane for selling it but its just not for me anymore.

Thanks for any help.
u paid 850 new? ****in hell thats expensive.... like 200 too much! just googled it to see pics

anyway if its in good condition like..... £ three fiddy?
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it seemed to be the going price back then at most places in uk. Yeah well that seems fair enough price but might try for mre nd work down.

I should also point out its the ivory pinstripe one which seems to be more expensive than other colours on some sites. I was hoping £450 or close to that so I can get a 72 telecaster custom
RR5's are sill retailing for about what you paid for it so chill. Id be amazed if its not worth what you want for it. Just gotta find a dude looking for one.
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