i accidently posted this in the wrong forum before
but now i think im in the right place
most of the songs i write and that other people have heard they comment that the intro's verses bridges breakdowns solos and all are good yet the chorus is rather uninteresting
they usually end up beign jsut chord progressions yet i would like to put some sort of
riff over it or maybe octaves

any help?

i apologise if this is in the wrong place again
but its more the rhythm of the riff i struggle with
everything i write for it tends to sound like a blues riff
and it doesnt fit with the rest of the song
What i'm planning to do with the next song I make up is something like
.. Iono, a chord progression with power chords and then on another guitar using one of those chords there it's like.. you're fingers are on the A string, skip over the D and another on the G


It sounds pretty neat to me with distortion, maybe a tiny bit of chorus used the right way.
I'm pretty bad at explaining things.. but I hope it helped maybe atleast a little?
octaves yeah? ive used ones that follow the same chord pattern as the other riff
but need something that will stand otu over the top of it
an example being trivium-like light to flies or atreyu-right side of the bed
thoguh all help is appreciated
i may have had a little bit of an improvement

i'll tab it

that sound okay to people? i could split that riff into two parts one just the basic powerchords the other octaves
the way that I do it is to make the intro riffs and lines more complicated with fills and Runs.
when the chorus hits, make it BASIC, If it is Metal or rock....Make it pack a punch, but dont get it too muddy. (too much playing or instruments) People do not like to be confused. also, the Music needs to inflict the same feeling the words are.

hope that helps somewhat....