Hey guys, i recently turned 18 and so i am legal to drink, i have also finished college and have (or had) quite alot of money to spend, most of my friends are also 18 and have weekend jobs, so we all go out and drink on a fairly regular basis even during weekdays, but lateley i have been thinking of just going sober. I have thought this for the following reasons:

-its expensive
-its unhealthy
-it ****s up what i am going to do the next day
-i hate hangovers, and i get them bad

I can also drink quite alot, i can take most drinks in my stride and still hold it together, i would consider this a good thing usually but i am probably doing myself more damage than my other friends do to themselves when i match them in state of mind, plus again, its expensive. I also used to smoke cigarettes on a regular basis, but i knocked it on the head to only doing it when i was drunk, but where i drink on a regular basis now i can see the smoking creeping back in, so basically drinking=me smoking.

Yeah drinking is fun and i enjoy it as much as the next 18 year old, but at this point in time i feel as though i should lay off it a little unless i am at a party or once every few weeks or so because i am spending alot of money on nights out plus i have done some pretty damn stupid things when i have been drunk and some of them have ****ed alot of things up, this could be down to the circumstances at the time but the drink also exacerbated things, but thats a different story for a different time.

Me and my friends are going to a club on wednesday and theres a halloween party i'm going to around halloween (a month or so), and so from wednesday to halloween i am gonna try and lay off the booze and smokes quite a bit, if i go to pubs i will just have a coke or something, at parties i will drink because its less frequent and cheaper.

So pit, any thoughts? Advice? Support?

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If you feel you need to stop, then you need to stop. This is something you have to decide for yourself, so if you feel that you will be better off not drinking then stop drinking (haha, like how I said it's up to you and then told you what to do? lol).
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If you don't want to drink, don't drink. I don't really drink any more (though I used to drink every day) and it's not a big deal now.
I'd say only drink because you enjoy the taste or something. That's the only reason I do. I don't drink to get drunk. You can still drink, just drink in moderation. Limit it to a 6 pack.
You're 18, you don't need advice or support to stop. It's bad for you, it causes problems, don't do it if you want to.

For the first 4 weeks of the holidays I was drinking around 30 units a week, just because I had the money and I could. (Bear in mind, that doesn't necessarily mean drinking every day, just maybe 2 or 3 parties a week where I would drink a bottle of vodka).

I've only really started looking at the whole units thing, and it's kinda suprising to see how much drinks have in them, but at the same time I don't really know what the numbers mean. On friday night, I had a 12.6 unit bottle of vodka, I know that's a lot, but I don't know what it means.

I should probably cut down too, but I value my happiness more than my health, and because of that, I'm going to carry on.
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good luck...I don't have hangovers XD
even if I'm drunk as f**k
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Don't quit if you enjoy alcohol, just learn some self-control and take an adult approach to alcohol. You don't have to get plastered just because you're having a drink, before I had to cut my alcohol intake I enjoyed a few pints in the pub with my buddies more than drinking huge amounts all night and waking up feeling like crap.
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If you don't want to drink, don't drink. I don't really drink any more (though I used to drink every day) and it's not a big deal now.

+1. i used to get pretty toasted every day after last summer till january. i was always start off with 2 little bottles of jager (my fav drink) which was only $11 a piece (my lucky number). that was a terrible semester, i always felt tired in class and i just dont see the point in it anymore.

great times though... from what i heard anyways...

edit: i never got hungover. always take 2 aspirin before you start drinking and its pretty much impossible...
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Then stop, preferably gradually, if you are drinking excessive amounts weekly your body will have built a certain tolerance, which is why I just go to a party every few months or so, I have no tolerance and so can get much more effect of the alcohol without having to drink large (more damaging) amounts.
ahh i hate getting shat-faced.

i have more fun drinking to the point before i cant control myself. i drink to when i get friendly and dance alot more and just make the best out of everything. you sober up incredibly fast and you dont have a headache or any regrets.

i achieve this state of mind by drinking more then average at the start and then go dry for a couple hours then repeat. i dont like drinking in moderation :P
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Meh, just doing make a big deal out of drinking and don't make a big deal out of not drinking -> and as a student, 2 beers doesn't really count as drinking

getting completely hammered every second day is stupid
i've found that having a spliff before going out then just having a couple of pints through the night leaves me in a state where i'm drunk enough to be on teh same level as my frieds but i still have an idea of what's going on.

might not work for you but it does for me, i'm not really a fan of being drunk like most of the people here.
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I just can't be bothered getting drunk anymore. I'll still drink, but if I'm at a random night at the pub, I'll have only one or two pints and at a party I'll have 3 or 4 over the period of the night, which stops me short of being drunk enough to do retarded stuff.

After a year of being sick from alcohol pretty much everytime I drank, I thought that enough was enough.
Well its not really getting immensly out of hand, its just that alot of the time going out with my friends means having a drink, i think what would help is when i do drink maybe take it a little easier, because where i can take alot i drink more and more and its gonna get to a point where when i go out i have loads of drinks, and maybe take some nights not drinking at all when we go out.

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Good for you
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