Its just an auction, people will bid on it and it will go up in price....
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I've bought two guitars from eBay; and it's been a success! Just remember to check this guys feedback (seems sorta reliable) and an important thing; ASK HIM QUESTIONS. If he is a genuine seller he will be happy to answer your questions. It also seems like he's been selling loads of guitars recently (check his feedback and his other items) so I think it will be alright to buy a guitar from him.
read the seller's feedback to see how reliable that particular person is
some people have got amazing deals on ebay, some people have gotten crap
it's hit and miss and i personally wouldnt buy guitars from ebay
however if the feedback is good, then theres no reason why you shouldnt do well
Not necessarily, you might get a great guitar. But the risk you take is you might get a guitar that is sub par and you don't get the opportunity to play it to find out.
I have also bought two successfully from ebay. Definitely ask the seller questions. Ask how the seller packages the guitar if your posting it. Also playing the guitar in your local guitar shop first is probably a good idea if you can.
im australian but, it it was australian dollars for "BUY IT NOW" i would get it, you really need to remember that it is an auction and the price will almost likely get to around 600-ish, if you have that much money to buy a guitar with in the first place, i would get a better guitar, and get one more suited to you standards, go to your local music store and play some of the guitars to get their feel then make a decision
My dad and I have moved over 15 guitars back and forth over eBay. As long as you know what you are doing, and when to ask questions, you should be fine.

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