Ive just started learning this scale. The problem i have is, when i stretch my hand from my 1st finger on the E string 5th fret to my 4th finger on the 8th fret, my 4th finger is resting on all of the other strings in that fret. It sounds ok but will this cause me problems in the future ? It just seems like hand won't stretch enough and my fingers a not parralel with the fret board. They seem to bend due to the stretching. Hope this makes sense.
It won't really cause any problems. If you havent been playing long its just a matter of building strength in your hand until you can stretch the distance fine. Try playing with your thumb resting right on the back of the neck which helps with stretching.
If your playing with distortion and single coils, get used to doing this. It's stops the annoying buzz!

Try to keep playing like this!

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I can tell you from experience that once you play for a little while you won't do it anymore and your finger will arch right over the other strings. Its all about building finger strength and accuracy. Also if you keep your finger like that it will mute the other strings which is essential for playing with high gain.
Alot of times players will slide back to the 5th string - 3rd fret to grab that same note. Shown in Am in 'The Secret Pentatonic Shapes'.

The exercise in this video post might also help with finger position: Spider Guitar Warmup...
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