I've been looking for a gibson for ages, but after having a trial use of my friends SG i realise.. Fender are better, Gibson fretboards are so cramped so i'l stay loyal to fender... i was thinking about a telecaster as ive alrerady got a strat, id probably get the US standard, but what do you think about a telecaster with a humbucker on the neck? Discuss
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I prefer the SS ones, unless you like a fat neck sound.

So yeah.
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Based on the Telecaster forums, neck humbuckers/P90s are some of the more common pickup mods. Though if you're into humbuckers in general, you might want to look at the Tele Deluxe.
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the tele deluxe is awesome. i love it. of course, you have to go with the usual mod of swapping the pots to 500k (which i havent got round to doing yet), but even before then its brilliant.

you could even install a coil tap when you swap the pots for more versatility.

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ahh thanks for that guys.. i probably will stick with the SS cos i like my treble
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the ones with two humbuckers(not sure what they are called) are pretty good too though, I played one in guitar center and I thought it was great. I'd prolly still go with the american standard though since you have the money, that gives the original tele twang sound.
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