Hey, i got 2 essays i have to memorise for upcoming tests.

I was wondering what people in the pit do to memorise things?
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Easy. Find someone who's already memorized them and consume their soul.
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Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.
I have a zoology course to study. Very long and boring, no structure in it, no nothing.
I've tried throwing stuff around and against it, didn't work. (+ I lost 7 pens that way)
I've tried hitting it against my head, didn't work.
I've tried reading it, too boring
I've tried to give it up and fap instead, but 1: the course was so boring I had a hard time fapping (no pun intended) and 2: I realised that if I did that I'd have to study it again so I'd have the same problem again :s

So just read it, say it out loud, write pieces down, just do nothing but those essays the entire day! GET OFF UG AND START GETTING BORED!!!
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Oh you're good.
usually for memorizing stuff you're allowed a hint sheet for exams, where you can write up to about 10 words and draw pictures to help you remember stuff.
well we do at my school anyway
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

Wow.. "Eat them" is the new "fap"

I'd say just read them, and say it out loud.
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use the chunking method it means you should separate the essay into smaller chunks that you can memorize over and over then when you memorized one chunk move to the other until you memorized it all. I did it when i memorized the speech of martin luther king jr. for our speech choir it work wonders haha
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a hint sheet?

oh what?

why does MY school not know about this.

lol, drawing pictures would be funny...
Eat them, you will gain their powers.
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if its some kinda essay about... idk organization or something.
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if its some kinda essay about... idk organization or something.

I'd like to see you do that for 2 whole essays

Usually i just read them over and over,or if that doesn't work i growl them which is good for vocals and memorization
fap. It'll put your problem into perspective.

then eat them.
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Read part of it, go away for 5 minutes then read the same part again. Go away for 20 mins, come back and read it again. Rinse and repeat for both essays with increasing times (such as 40 mins then a few hours ect).

Try and study.
Resort to fapping.

I usually have a piece of paper handy when I study. I write stuff down (even if they aren't even full notes) and it seems to help me remember things. For example, just write down a name of a historical figure or something from whatever you're reading. When you read the name, you'll associate the name with what you've read.

Or that's what seems to happen at least.
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