hi UG'ers,
i have just started college and i am taking a music tech class. It has come apparent that i would benifit a lot better from the course if i could read music.

So can anyone recommend me a good sight reading book aimed at bass players?
i have come across two so far:


which one is the best for the job? or could you suggest any other, better ones?

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If you are comfortable reading the staff then all you need is practice, I watched a interview with Jaco on youtube and he said that he would get his hands on any piece of sheet music he could and just try to play it.
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I haven't gone too in-depth with it yet, but Mel Bay's "Note Reading Studies for Bass" looks excellent. It takes you from basic notes, to decently complex rhythms in a matter of just over a hundred pages.
Most of the books by Josquin des Pres are excellent. Another option is to get ahold of Simandl - New Method for Bass Book 1. I found a copy in my second hand book store and its been a great edition to my practice routine and is great for getting your sight reading up to speed.
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Most of the books by Josquin des Pres are excellent.

I believe I have one of his books called simplified bass sight reading.

It's pretty good, though I really should use it more often.
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