So, my guitar is tuned a half step down to Eb. If someone tells me to play Em for example, then do I have to play a chord looking like "022000" or "133111"?
you'd have to play the 133111 chord for it to be a true Em, but if your not playing with someone whos tuned to E standerd, then i would just play it the normal way which would be an Ebm.
The 022000 chord would typically be considered an Em chord, as if you were tuned A 415.3 Hz.
^That's a bit unnecessary, redefining A, for this thread.

If the rest of your band tunes down 1/2 step, then play your standard Em chord; your song will be in Ebm rather than Em. However, if only you tune down and your band wants to play in Em, then you would play "Fm" so you would be in line with the band.

Of course, Em can be played in keys other than Em, but I think you get my point.
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^That's a bit unnecessary, redefining A, for this thread.

I was just saying that that's essentially what you're doing when you tune down a semitone yet still consider the fifth string open to be A, as is commonly the case.

Okay, it was unnecessary.