Hye guys, I've been playing electric for 2 years, and my fingers never really callused over or bled. But, I got my first acoustic friday and I've been playing non stop and my fingers are actually hurting! Is this normal?? Also i notice after I play my fingers are usually black where i pressed the string, now i know this will happen if there shit strings or if they are old, but these are brand new d'addario's, is this normal?

Also, what are some soft songs to learn?

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it is normal that it hurts. they are thick strings that you are pressing hard on...and that black on youre finger happens to me sometimes, so it might be. I never asked anyone about that.
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The black stuff is (in my experience) dead skin/bacteria that you leave on the strings when playing.

And yeah the pain thing is extremely common. Give it a few weeks and playing should be a breeze