I feel like changing my guitar practice posture. I've been practicing with my guitar on the right leg and it seems it's way more effective (in terms of tension and muscular memory) to practice with the guitar on the left leg, like a classical player would do. The thing is I play a Les Paul and it's difficult due to its big body, even with a footstand.

So I was wondering if I could just practice stand up. Do you think it's not effective and/or causes tension? Thanks
No if anything it helps you for performance purposes as you wont be able to sit down while playing live, but while sitting down is easy its almost better to play standing it just depend s on preference
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ya if u plan on playing live shows then u'd might wanna practice standing up
i notice if i learn something hard sitting down it changes the possition of my hand then i stand up and its awkward and have to repractice
It's good to practice standing up time to time, so that if you happen to have a performance and you've been sitting down practicing all that time it won't throw you off.
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You have to get used to playing standing up for live performances, but it can be easier to learn hard parts sitting down initially.
I always play standing up, because its easier to play sitting down. If you learn the hard way, te esy way will be a doddle
I always practice standing up at rehearsals, but if I'm learning something off a tab I'll most likely learn it sitting down until I know it, and then practice it standing.
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Exactly. First, learn what you want sitting down. Particularly tabs, you'd surely rather look at your monitor while sitting than while standing up. Once you learn it, practice standing up. If you can play it well standing up. It may be hard at first, but if you can play well while standing up, the next time you play the same thing sitting it will be a lot better flowing and easier.

Practicing Guitar Standing up is a lot better than sitting down i feel, If you feel good sitting down change your guitar strap to the exact position as it is when you are sitting down when you stand up.

But standing up ready s you for gigs and foshizznit
With regards to the whole standing up \ sitting down thing...

I'm still very much a beginner at this, and I find it much, much easier to deal with when sitting down. That's not to say I can't play standing up, as my strap is set in such a way (as PRS Eddie advises) as to leave the guitar in a pretty similar position when both sitting and standing, but my playing whilst standing up definately isn't as good as sitting.

My question is...

Is there a point at which I should force myself to practice standing up the majority of the time? As things are at the moment, I don't feel confident \ competant enough to progress without being able to peer at the fretboard from time to time whilst playing, and this is clearly easier to do whilst sitting down. I know this is a "bad habit", but I find it decidedly useful at the moment when working out why I just muffed something up.
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Hey, I'm glad I found this thread. I just recently bought an electric guitar, and last night I tried to practice standing up, and it was hard! I'm researching other threads about this. In general, I agree with everyone here. If your goal is to perform, then you should practice standing up, and become comfortable playing like that. I don't intend to perform live, but on the off chance that an opportunity arises, I'd like to be prepared. Good luck!