This is an attempt at a progressive track. Some of the transitions are a bit choppy and it's relatively short (just under 3 minutes).

Please deliver a bit of constructive criticism, I would appreciate it greatly!

Opeth worship it is ^^

and not a bad one at that. You seem to have spent some time studying the tabs, this is a pretty faithful replication of many of the opeth core pieces.

The intro was especially lovely, easily my favorite part, with its lush harmonicism, sounds like it could come right out of the "still life/my arms.." era.

First distorted riff was kind of a letdown. The straight-stompin' 4/4 drumbeat felt kinda dopey, and pretty much let down any premonitions of grandeur to come that the intro successfully summoned. I know, the guitar riff is another thing straight from the Opeth playbook, and you surely don't need any advice how to opeth-it-up some more (rolling 6/4 beat, second guitar should play some counterharmonies). Guitar lead melody was a nice idea, unfortunately by now it is too apparent that the underlying riff is too static and it makes things a bit grating. Next acoustic break is so-so. Not the thing I was hoping for, but hey, if you like it. Riff in bar 51 brings a more melodic approach to the distortion, still it sounds kinda goofy with the slap bass and drums that way- I mean, in the beginning it seemed to me that you made no illusions about this being a tribute opeth piece, unfortunately for me the parts where you try to break from the formulas sound the worst (no offense, the opethy parts are excellent, that's why I may sound so harsh). Harmonized 6/4 melody again brought this thing back on the right track -straight from Orchid, it felt. Could do without the crash cymbal hits, but otherwise, more like that! Last acoustic break was much better than the one in bar 33, (again, must be the more closeness to opeth), had a great sense of dark forebrooding.
I hope you're not finished with this piece, some riffs are like I said golden material. Don't be afraid of any too much closeness to Opeth, the way I see it it can't be close enough (because those riffs are the best of the material), and nobody would hold it against you. Keep it coming