ok so, me and my band are about to buy a small PA system....

We're probably going for some PA pack from music store ( see link ).


** Question we have now (since we're somewhat nubs in technical stuff :P ),

1) If we have this, do we just need to buy standard for mic for singing (Without having to buy a vocal amp or some) ?

2) If we have this, do we just need to buy standard for mic and put it next to our amps/drum for PA system sound ?

3) Is this everything besides microphones that we need ?

4) Is it enough for small organizing small gigs ourselves ?

5) your own opinion about us buying a PA system // the quality of this PA system

Thanks for posting !
1 yes (standard mics are fine, you dont need an amp since the mixer is powered)
2 yes (mics for instruments)
3 yep only this and mics
4 enough for small gigs... (drums not mic'd)
5i own a pa system... it kicks ass...

yeah read the instructions.. (do not unplug anything from the mixer while it's on.... i almost got 220V power my ass last night)
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uhm.. check your local ads and classifieds... i highly recommend craigslist. just get a used pa system thats a little bigger than that one. if you can get a seperate head from the mixing board thats a plus.
Yeah you would need a mic to hook up to this to make sound. But there is also another option for your guitar amps. Some have a simulated out on the back that you could use if it sounds good. Sometimes its easier to do that than mic up your amp everytime. As far as power, it should be plenty for what you are doing. The only complicated thing to do would be to mic up the drumset but you may find that there is no need for that as drums are usually quite loud without help.
Do you use a BR-600?
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and the other thing is you can have one hell of a party with a pa system. hook up your computer and its like BAM instant party!
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could you record with it aswell?

no. Its a PA, not a studio

It'll do you fine for small gigs, up to 100 peopleish (obv. that's room size), don't mic the drums up to it whatever you do, you could mic your amps to it if you wanted but try un-mic'd first.

€444 is a good price for what it is though. I'm looking at second had systems of about this power for my band, and they all look to be around £300 which is ~€370, and they're all around 10 years old.
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