Hi there Pros,

I've been looking for the tabs of song: "Can you feel the love tonight" by Elton John.
This is the link of the music: Can u feel the love tonight classical guitar . It's kinda impressive, song in D. I love this song and desire to play it!

Help me to find tabs (maybe you should look at the movie and write tabs - at my level, this is impossible 3-year-guitarist)

Thanks a lot guys,
looking forward to tabs

P/s: This is my email: Minhchi1211@gmail.com. If you have complete, pls email me. Thanks again
do both of you use guitar pro 5?

if you're not determined to play it exactly like in the video, you can quite easily get the score in guitar pro form here on UG, or download a midi (which are easily found from google searching) and import it into guitar pro. From there, with a limited amount of creativity, you can easily work out your own way of playing it as a classical guitarist
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Yes, I do use GP 5.2.
I've searched in the Google and in UG. But I can't find it.
A bit difference is ok. I'll make it up more

Most tabs that i've seen played in C. And this, he played in D and the sound is great, that makes me love this song