i'm buying a new amp and i was wondering if i should get the fender hot rod deluxe or the hot rod deville 4x10 or 2x12.

my band crosses a few genres, these amps will do me well becuase they both have a good clean channel and decent dist., but for heavier distortions,OD and effects i use my BOSS ME-50.

i have a deluxe players strat and a epi les paul custom, i usually go for warmer tones like SRV with the strat and jimmy page or slash with the les paul, i was wondering which one had more headroom and would be easier to accomplish that sort of tone with.
i had a hot rodded deville a while back... and its got a great clean channel, but the gain channel is pretty horrible. Great if you want to play blues...

but foor slash, jimmy, and srv, I really don't think you'll find the tone you are looking for at alll. With the right pedals you could get to the gain levels you would want, but it just won't sound right...

my two cents
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212 deville is my personal prefrence i like the way it sounds better than a 410 and man for like srv stuff the 212 deville sounds sick... i want one reallly bad but dont have the cash
Besides the fact that the hot rod could or could not get you the right gain, go for the deluxe. It's cheaper than the deville, and you won't notice any difference at all! The extra Watts of the deville won't make any difference, because the hot rod's are loud as hell.