I just bought a new (its been on the shelf for a few days according to the salesman) Ibanez ARX140 (http://www.instrumentpro.com/P-IBAARX140.html) from Steve's music store. When i brought it home I noticed that the low E string buzzes a lot when I strum it relatively hard. It also goes out of tune fast. The buzz is most noticeable when its played open or at the 10-13 frets. There is also buzzing on the open A string, and at few of the frets. I remember there were similar buzzings when i changed the strings on my acoustic (Yamaha f310), but it fixed itself in about a week.
Now the question is: is there something wrong with the Ibanez? Or is this normal, and it will sort itself over time as my acoustic guitar did?
.. raise the action obv. or if you know what to look for, adjust the truss.. which should need done if its new

or take it back, the store will probably fix it for free
.. well anyway

dude all u need to do is bring the post up that on the bass side just enoguh so it doesnt buzz
.. u know..
i hope you know
cuz its not hard