kinda hard to write this without it actually rain but i tried

Rain drops

The rain drops running down my window plane
trying hard to find the words to explain
the reasons why
they fall from the sky

tired of this silly war
between him and the lord
why she's gone,
where'd he go wrong

tear drops from heaven above
oh how he misses his love
does she feel the same way
will she ever say

cool air kisses his face
how he wishes he was in a different place
over the ocean and through the sky
he's gonna find himself a new life
Haha you should be in England my friend, it's been raining almost all week, wherever you've been.

Anyways onto the crit.

I like the way this reads, it's short and gets a point across, in that respect in it's good. However every other line (just an expression, not literally) seemed have been used by hundreds of writers before yourself. This is something that, if I were you, would be given another look over.

Other than that, I can't see much wrong with what you've written.

c4c? if you have the time, it would be highly appreciated.