which is better?
im reasonably good with both and i feel playing with my fingers helps me play faster but playing with a pick has a more clean sound which i think sounds better
what do most people here use?
Let us not get into another argument about this.

None are better, it's down to preferance. Everyone knows good bassists use both to their advantage.

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only cause once a pick is added it loses the low end of the bass and makes it sound more twangy,

also i feel that when people play with picks there just failed guitarists lol

Some people prefer the twangy agressive tone of a pick. Most pick users are competent bassists in their own right.
depends on what u play, and even then, personal preference.

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I mainly use fingers for bass, more for dexterity than tone though, I like both tones.

Pick players are just as competent at bass in my opinion, aside from Pete wentz.
I personally favor the fingers because when you change tech. it is a quicker transformation. Say you are picking along then it goes into a funky beat that just begs for the slap/pop. Tapping also it is just smoother to transfer. Again like the others preference is all.