Hey alls,

Need a little help here, see?
I really want to learn guitar, and I need some scales, but can't find many. I love metal, especially Opeth, Slayer, At the Gates, Behemoth and Immortal. I also love Pink Floyd, but I am at a loss as to where to start. My two hands just can't act in harmony with each other, which could be a problem.
Need some help with hand-hand coordination and scales to quicken me up a bit? Any help would be much appreciated

Cheers guys
Look up and learn at least the box positions for the Penatonic and Blues scales. Major and Minor scales after that. Penatonics, Major, and Minor sclaes are used alot in metal and rock, and the Blues scale is just a very slight variation of the Penatonic scale.
Harmonic minor. . . a lot of the normal rules don't go for metal though. . . look up pedal tones, those are good to practice on guitar.
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