I have Itunes 7.7.1 running on Vista x64. All of a sudden, Itunes does not open. I would click it and a message box pop's up with a green bar thing and says " Itunes has stopped working". I have tried re-installing it. And it still wont start. Why is this happening?

How DO i FIX IT!

Please Help
For me, sometimes it's just like... at the top left of the screen, just the top part where the close, minimize, and maximize signs are. the rest is invisible :|
get a mac
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contact apple. it's very likely that they've encountered a problem like this before, so it cant hurt to try to talk to them. also, do you remember doing anything different around the time that iTunes stopped working? ie, did you download anything, install anything, etc?
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no nvm guys, i found the solution and the problem. I recently added a codec pack and it messed around with the Quicktime codecs. I uninstalled Itunes AND Quicktime, re-installed and it worked.