So here's the thing. I have been playing for 14 months now. I never had any lessons in my life. A friend just showed me how to read tabs and I learned everything alone. I only know how to play some covers. I want to get better. I want to learn more techniques, learn some theory, create my own riffs and solos, but I just feel stuck.

The hardest thing I can play right now (it's not very hard, it's just the hardest I manage to play) is maybe the main solo from Master Of Puppets or One, both by Metallica (I don't know if this helps you people see where I am right now in terms of "guitar evolution"). I am starting university now, so I have no time to get a teacher, and I usually only manage to play 2hours a day in school/university time.

Anyway, I was thinking, if I go to the lessons section of UG and just read all that stuff that's in there, will I learn most things that I need to reach my goals?

If so, how should I start? Should I just start going down in the categories list, starting from "For Begginers", then "The Basics", followed by "Chords" and so on until "Songwriting and lyrics"?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I taught myself also, so I know what your talking about. I started listening to AC/DC oriented stuff (basically chords and blues scales). Later on I began to play jazz and classical music. You can learn a lot from playing those two kinds of music, plus there's a lot of theory behind jazz and classical.

Was I of any help?
i dont soley use UG for the lessons but on the occasions that i have, back when i first started, they really helped me in learning pertty much anything that i wanted to do with the guitar.
Try learning basic music theory, it will help you make your own riffs and solos and teach you where (on the neck) and how to improvise.

For techniques, i find its great to just learn songs in which those techniques are used.

Depending on your musical influences and playing style, the usual hammer-on, pull off, vibrato and string bending should do you fine.

If you like metal and high speed stuff, sweeping will probably be great.

This will take you a good few months at the least, so dont expect to learn too quickly.

Music Theory Harpercollins college outline by George Thaddeus Jones. . . if you want to spend money and can afford, Contact Jim Sutton . . . he teaches some pretty good stuff correspondence course wise. That and Jazz theory by Andrew Jaffe, then I have a few more like the Berklee modern method for guitar series, and just some plain jane jazz chord books and melodic arpeggio books.. .. that's all I use and it has worked well so far for me.
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Thanks guys! About music theory, this seems to be a good lesson:


Is it any good?

I skimmed over it and it looks like a decent start into theory. After you get through that you might want to look into the Crusade series of lessons in the Columns section. The first few articles cover the same thing but the series eventually goes more in depth. There's a link in my sig to the first article.
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