About four months ago ,i went and installed lace sensors in my mim hss strat.I went with hot gold(neck),sliver(mid),and stock Hum(Bridge).After some serious time on it i had come to the point of hateing them.I went to a company called Pickers Parts in Co.I had then build me a Pre-loaded pickguard>I had them install Fender 69,s to make it a true SSS.I just love it.I will never change this again.Iwould recomend these pick-ups to any one.There tone is awesome.I just wished that i found these earleyer so that i didnt waste my time with the laces.I had the TBX tone pot install also,which realey does the job.Any comments or Question just ask.
My grear Fender standard Strat(Black and White)Amp Marshall MG100DFX ,assorted toys.
Youtube video? Or video here? Sounds interesting I must say. Never heard of someone actualy hating lace sensors, maybe they thought they were just OK, but never hate them.

Glad you found something you liked.