ok im in a one guitar band which plays metal/hard rock but i dont want to be stuck in rythm on verses or choruses i want to be able to mix the two like jimmy page and get a blend but without losin heaviness any tips?

and before its said i do know quite a bit of music theory but not alot so dont just say learn theory but tell me a specific thing or give me a specific link cause otherwise i may get bored of going through stuff i already know

Harmonise with yourself lots. 5ths are easy, 3rds less so. But make sure you work with the scale not just the root note cos otherwise it sounds bad.

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This might be a little tricky with only 1 guitar but it's possible. While playing the rhythm part try doing a quick 1 measure fill between verses. Listen to Enter Sandman by Metallica, about 2:10 in (right after the reference to Snow White in the lyrics) Kirk Hammet does a little lead guitar fill, try doing something like that.

The only problem is that you end up leaving the bassist high and dry during that fill due to the lack of a rhythm guitar. Distorting the bass might help it sound more full (assuming were talking about metal). Try out how it sounds first in a music store or something like that before spending money on a Bass OD pedal.
Listen to AFI. Jade does a good job of mixing some nice riffs and fills while playing rhythm as well. Days of the Phoenix is an example of this sorta. Same with Endlessly, She Said.
Which artists do you like and want to imitate? Perhaps you should analyze those songs with that theory you know.

If you need a theory referene, my sig is a good resource.
A lot of this is in your bassist. If he's doing his job right the low end should be rather full. Think of Primus, or Tool, or Black Sabbath, or as you mentioned Led Zeppelin. Their bassists all have good tone and lock in well with their drummers to keep the low end strong, allowing the guitarists to get more lead-y, if you will.

So I'd say experimenting with tone with your bassist, and making sure the bassist and drummer can play tight together is a good course of action.

As for your own playing, remember speed isn't everything. Try to be tasteful, remember it's not a solo, you're there to accent the rest of the band. Try taking the melody of the vocals and playing around with that. Just... try to be subtle. Yes, subtle it a good word.
drummer hasnt got a drum kit yet but will probably get one in a few months and i dont want to really imitate artists just combine my various influences not focus too heavily on any one artist
Quote by gothboy666
and i dont want to really imitate artists just combine my various influences not focus too heavily on any one artist

if you combine your various influences then you're imitating the artists that influenced them to some degree.
true i guess its just the influence is less in your face. did korn do any leave rythm combos when head left?