i play a lot of Kirk Hammet/Dimebag Darrell stuff and was looking for a good "metal" wah because the wah on my ME-50 just plain sucks. Heard some good stuff about the Dulop Crybaby From Hell but wanted to know if there are any other pedals like this. My budget is around $180 or lower.
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the crybaby from hell is a great wah. Probably exactly what you are wanting
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I prefer the Ibanez Weeping Demon. It's also friendly to your budget, about $100.
i prefer the Vox line of wahs, but for your style, id try out a few crybabys
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i just got a crybaby yesterday and its everything i wanted and i like 2 play alot of metallica stuff 2
its rele easy and simple
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i love my dunlop 535q, sounds like exactly the right wah for you
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id go for the weeping demon
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don't fall fot the weeping demon. it is a terrible pedal. it only sounds good when immerssed in tone of distortion, whereas a Vox wah, a Morley or a Crybaby sounds good clean or dirty. the whole series (Tonelok) from Ibanez suck balls, and tone.

you could easily get the Dimebag Wah. it's one of their most popular wahs. everyone form Alex Lifeson to Alexi Laiho uses it. but if you wanted one a little cheaper, check out the 535Q or the Jimi wah, those both sound excellent.
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the crybaby from hell is a great wah. Probably exactly what you are wanting

Fantastic Wah pedal.