hey boys and girls.

i've just been given a computer by my dad that he got from work. I can't get into it as i don't have the password. My problem is I'm not sure how to reformat it. I've got a master reboot cd for this computer and a recovery floppy disk. I'm wondering whether any of you can help me.
What OS? Surely you can boot to a BIOS or something where you can choose to format? If not, use whatever pc you're on just now to get Gnome partition editor (Google), burn to a disc, boot from the cd using the BIOS to select "boot from cd/dvd", and use that to format the system to NTFS (I would imagine). Make sure you have some kind of OS to install once you format it (obviously), probably XP or vista.
turn the computer on, put cd in, restart computer, keep pressing F8 or F10 (sometimes F2 mind) depending on your motherboard, should get a menu asking what to boot from, select CD drive et violá

What's wrong with it just loading from the harddrive? Do you not want the XP? If not, then do what I said before, get GPE.
did you not read the first post, he doesnt have the password, there is a way round that by the way mate if you dotn wanna refortmat and could do with just taking the password off, PM me if you want it cause its too long to post and shouldnt be told to everyone :L
its not too complicated or anything though if you wanna try it mate
Well if you just want to take the password off, it's hardly something that shouldn't be told to everyone, if you can work google then you can find how.
ok i was only messing, its just too long to type out in full on here, basics are go into safemode login as admin and remove the user password, think that works havent needed stuff like that for ages!

or just try what i said about booting from cd!
is it a password on the BIOS or on the OS? "Can't get into the computer" isn't clear enough. If it's on the BIOS then if you open up the pc you will eventually find a button battery like those found in watches, pull out and put back in, this will reset the BIOS password (Worked on my old PC anyway), if there's only one user on the os, then do what the other guy said, or boot into safemode with command prompt, open command prompt and type

net user Bill *

Replace Bill with the username. It will then prompt you to type a new password