This thing is in excellent condition, I've had it for just over a year, and I'm selling it mainly because i've moved to university dorms, don't currently have a band, and I feel the amp is going to waste. Tubes are still in great condition, I rarely play with the volume above 1, this amp is insanely loud, and simply has one of the best clean channel I've ever heard. Drive channel is also great, very versatile from blues, rock, hard rock, and classic rock. Put a distortion pedal in front of it, and you can do just about anything. Built-in reverb. Both channels have separate volume and equaliser controls. Clean channel has a "bright" option. I love this amp to bits, and everything in me (except for common sense) doesn't wanna sell it. It is much higher quality and better sounding than most other amps within its' price range (which is exactly why I bought it to begin with).

Price: 300 Pounds, plus shipping/postage.


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thats one hell of a find. Did it have change in the case? cause you probably stole it from a busker who was off taking a piss.