I own 2 boss pedals - the Overdrive and the Limiter Enhancer. I'm looking to buy a power supply for mutliple pedals. I know i need a "daisy chain" or something similar. If i bought this:


and this:


would that be all i needed to power both my pedals? I'm just not too sure how the daisy chain connects to the power supply. Do they connections fit on top of each other or what?

Thanks for the help
thanks but the Power Bricks a bit expensive.
i just want to know if the boss power supply and the daisy chain will work. if it does i'd rather just get that
I would suggest getting a Diago power supply. Up to 30 pedals with enough daisy chains, which you can just string together, and it has adapters so even ones with special power supplies, or only running of a 9V battery can be run by the adaptor.
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