Hey guys. I just started playing in a new band, and this is my first time playing guitar in a band. I have been playing bass and drums in 2 other bands for like 4 years, so I do know a little bit about things, but I need some of you gear heads to give some ideas!

I'm playing a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top (oh she is pretty), and I need an amp to go with it for live shows. I would like some thing smaller, but I do want it to be loud enough, so I'm willing to get something big. I was thinking combo at first, but for some of the prices I think why not go half stack?

Any ideas?

Also I was looking at this "Blackheart" half stack.

Anyone have experience with it?
What type of music?
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You might want something with at least 15w. The Blackhearts are great, but it depends on what you're looking for. Genres played?
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Oh, haha sorry.

It's a punk hardcore band. Fast riffs.

Also, I'm the single guitarist, it's a 4 peice band.
I would like it to be $500 and under, but I guess if I find the prefect amp, I can figure something out.

I live near Dallas, Texas.
I think you should get a used Peavey Valveking over the Blackheart (if you can). 50 watts, all tube, enough gain for punk. They're around $250 used, I think. With the money you save you can buy an overdrive pedal for leads and such.

EDIT: For $500 and under you could also look at a used Peavey Classic 30 + an overdrive. Less gain than the Valveking, but supposedly better sounding.
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That probably wont be loud enough for full gigs. What is your budget? If it is around that 300, look at a Crate V33 and an overdrive. Or maybe a Roland Cube 60
Thanks for the suggestions for far... keep them coming please! I am seriously going to look into trying to out most of these.

By the way, I am not afraid of used gear. I know some people are, but I'm all for saving a buck.