I have a laptop with windows xp on it. it does not tell me the wireless networks around me. i need to know how to put it into roaming mode. help?
Is the wireless card enabled? (Control panel -> network connections (or network or something, i dont remember)
if it is, you should be able to see networks


Oh, and did you install and enable it properly? Some laptops have a special wifi switch on the bottom, try looking for one if you have wifi troubles. They tend to be hard to find :P
Try right clicking the wireless icon on the task manager and select Repair.

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So your wifi adapter is enabled (no switches?) in bios, it's installed properly, it's enabled in windows and there are networks available? What laptop is it? Try googling for wifi problems [your laptop's manufacturer and name/number]
I read that reformatting certain laptops messes up connecting to networks.

Try Google; "XP laptop wireless network trouble"-- I've been able to solve all of my computer problems(major or minor) with the power of Google(I'm not being a smartass; but 90% of the time there's somebody on some tech/microsoft/computer/XP forum that's asked the same thing and some computer expert has been nice enough to give several solutions with step by step instructions). Hope you get it it working soon.
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