Hey, lately I haven't been enjoying the zebra pickups on my PRS SE Custom colour-wise, so I was thinking about putting some covers over 'em.

1) What is the string-spacing for PRS?
2) How do covers affect the tone?

Also, if I wanted to make another pickguard for the SE Custom, how would I do that?
Probably normal spacing.

Shouldn't affect tone unless you get old covers. The newer ones are made of materials that don't interfere with the magnets.
Standard spacing. Pickups covers take off an ever-so-small amount of the very highest frequencies, but it's barely noticeable. No experience cutting pickguards, sorry.
How do you like that guitar btw, I was thinking about getting that or the semi hollow 1
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I actually have the semi-hollowbody version and I love it.

One of the sweetest playing guitars I've ever played, and I've some really kickass guitars.

I can get some damn good tones out of it too, but I need to get a nice amp. I'm looking into Crate V18's.

Try a SE Custom out, I bet you'll like it.