I love Lightnin' Hopkins. I saw a video a while ago where he was soloing on an acoustic with some extreme overdrive. It was pretty sick.

I actually hear a lot of his style through Keith Richards. He musta been a big influence.
^It seems so.

I love how he had that hot sound with the acoustic.
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He has one of the most awesome tones. That overdriven humming...oh god...


Use a towel next time
^My favorite version of that song is either The MC5 or the Mississippi Fred McDowell.
Mississippi Fred McDowell's is mentally good, you posted it in the Delta blues thread right?

His drooling kinda voice is better than Fred McDowell's though imo.

Lightnin' Hopkins influenced Booker White to tune to Open D Minor and Open E Minor rather than a normal Open tuning because of how Lightnin' would bend the strings.
THAT"s why I couldn't pick out a Lightnin Hopkins song. I was trying to play it in standard, and I couldn't get the drone and play the licks at the same time.