I am looking into buying one of these multi-effect pedals.
i was looking on ebay for them but i want to just save up a little more and buy one brand new.
but on ebay people were selling them with footswitches,
im wondering if these are a necestity or just helpful.
and if i dont have the footswitch is it still possibly to switch through banks?
also can someone explain to me exactly how it works?
iv had one for a few years and it is great. the expression pedqal isnt the best, but you get loads for your money, seriously. iv never known it was footswitch compatible so ou'll be alrite lol.

also its very simple. its got 3 switched, distortion/overdrive, modulation and delay, then the expression pedal which is like wahs and pitchshifters. the memory banks are quite easy to set up, although i personally never use them
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You don't need the footswitches. It just makes things easier to have them. You can use them to switch memory banks (I think you might need two, though), and also to switch on the compressor and the reverb. I've never used the footswitches, although I would like to have them. To switch banks without footswitch you have to push a little button.
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