Im just starting to play guitar(electric), I Have a Squier Telecaster, a Lyle Sunburst,and a peavey rage 158 amp, getting a ibanez gio,what are some easy tabs and good settings/equipment for getting a nice metal/rock sound?
Get some lessons.

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yeah i would get lessons before even thinking of getting an ibanez cuz if u have a sick guitar u want to show off but don't know how to play worth a monkey's ball then there is no point
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scoop mids, play in bridge position.

teles are not great metal machines, but i own a mim that has emgs so mine rocks a little more than most. The squier is gonna suck, the sound is probally a bit to tinny for the metal sound, but it may work for solos. I don't now lyle, so i cant help there. Ibanez GiO, beats me, i have a gio bass so if thats what your talking about than throw some ditort on. However GiO is there way of saying "shitty" so more info would be needed.
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why do you have 2 guitars if you just started? thats a bad habit IMO, you are just getting a lot of stuff that comes to be the same.

just get a betrer amp or this
and get the thing ordered like a V (with the middle in -15 and the outer things on +15 the level is volume, keep it en the muddle). take your amp volume to 0, your gain to 10, amp EQ at 5 (or 12 o'clock), your guitar volume on 10, with the EQ scooped as i told you and then just adjust the volume to what you want it. the rage 158 has quite a bit of gain.

and tell us more about the lyle, because it would be hard for the tele to get into metal territory. is it a strat style, an SG style, a Les Paul style, an acoustic guitar? what kind of pickups?

btw, i dont think you need the gio. just wait like a year until you are decent and then get a decent guitar. and take lessons

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stop buying guitars and worry about learning to play, if you must buy something get a better amp instead.
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