This is impressive. I liked it alot.
I didn't think we would ever make enough money to pay rent by playing music.
-Gregg Allman

*Insert sarcastic, ego-boosting quote here*
Thanks guys would also b nice if you tell me what to improve
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Well I don't know the godfather theme that well. The tone isn't the best but I know I read your description. You were pretty clean all the way through, 2:04 and those little runs were a bit sloppy, but other then that I can't really crit anything. Good job
thanks guys! yeah, i know about the tone, thats because im using this crappy 10w pratice amp (its brand is wierd.. "artics" never heard of it) anyways, im using the input in it so it does mess the tone up abit, i need to use my gt-8 with speakers, to get the nice tone from it but honestly i like it with this amp! sounds.... unique