Here is one I penned. Hope for lots of input.

It's just another circumstance,
this strange and empty world.
endeavor feeding frenzy,
like the selfish drones before.

They march on streets of money.
They take but can't conceive,
the only world worth killing,
is the one that tortures me.

So go blind then,
with these neon distractions.
Force feed our fantasies of monetary gain.
It's not like you use someone,
just gratify yourself with those who have no say.

So am I dysfunctional?
and if so then **** you.

It's only a matter of living in solitude
It's only a reason to have a bleak attitude

And I do it all for you,
I hate you all for you.

Welcome me into this circle,
hand me a black hooded robe.
Yet I will never follow you into the temple,
where you worship God's of power
God's of lust and thrones of gold.

It's like a youthful life force,
that you take from it's ephemeral host.
Just like the young girl that,
once so full of life,
is nothing but a ghost.

It's like a reign of vengeance,
you implant into a mind.
And now what was a hopeful man,
resorts to taking life.

Why should care about your bullshit?
Why should I care about your car?
Why should I fret for your interest,
or the dysfunctional mannequins that lurk at the bar.

Why should care about your campaign?
Why should I vote for your lies?
Why does the world revolve around empathy,
and you expect us to live when so many die?

Watch it burn...
Watch it burn...
Watch it burn...
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hey wuts Narcissistic mean
Quote by breakdown123
Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
You may have misspelled "robe". Unless "roab" is a word. If so, then srry.
But, anyways. I liked it. It flows well. I really loved the last line
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