basically I just play guitar for fun, usually just screwing around and learning new songs or writing basic stuff or whatever. but now I'm getting bored of the pedals that I have so I want to go buy something new for myself, something that'll add some spice and more entertainment to my playing.

basically, here's my setup.
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Digitech RP-50 (lots of cool effects but cheap sounding distortion and not the greatest quality effects...)
15-watt VOX Valvetronix Amp

since my amp is a model amp, I can get alot of different sounds, distortions and effects out of it, but usually I just keep it on clean with some reverb and use my pedal for effects.

So I wanna know what's a pedal or something that I can buy that would be best just to have the most fun with and give me some new sound to my playing that will just add diversity.

any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks! :]
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I've got the same amp as you. I bought a Digitech EX-7 last year, and I haven't regretted it since. The synth orchestra effect is awesome, and you can get a lot of crazy sounds out of the flanger.
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what u need is a Z.Vex Fuzz Factory.you get the crazyest sounds dude.trust me youll be amazed
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go out and buy one of those full size pedalboards by like Line 6. they have some pretty beast and fun effects built in.
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