So me and some friends were stuck down in a basement for hours on end and we decided to play some "truth or dare". When you only have access to one girl, a dog, my friends parents, and the six guys, it gets difficult to think of any really good dares or truths for that matter

we came up with: truths; how old were you when you first masterbated, what did you dream about the last time you had a wet dream,

Dares; smack his ass, kiss the girl, lick the light bulb(lame), grope his ass

everyone was willing to do just about anything (except lick a hairy dudes belly button)

so, any suggestions? What have you guys had to do in your most extreme cases of truth or dare?

lets hear some
All shall feel my wrath :stickpoke
I think the last time I played truth or dare I was about 11, so the most daring thing I had to do then was hold some girl's hand for 10 minutes.
Truth or Dare . . . . . . . . . .DARE!!!!!!
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id rather huff paint than play truth or dare.

I dare you to huff paint!



Yeah, last time I played, I was about 10.

Someone asked "liek OMG hu do u liek lol". After saying no about a dozen times, I realised that they're unwilling to accept the truth, and just mentioned the name of who I thought was the least bitchy girl of the bunch.

Embarassing for both of us. I never did like her. I still wonder why I said her name and not anyone elses.
i'd kiss the girl always lol D:
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I dare you to huff paint!

ohh shit, how do i get out of this one
Nice Thread, Good Topic.
But was that about all you did?
You probably could have gotten naked and stuff like that. I mean everyones saying that but still.. idk
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ohh shit, how do i get out of this one




I just always end up naked in truth or dare. Failing that, naked with penis tucked between legs whilst pictures are taken.

Stupid game.
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"i dare you to f*ck the dog" D:
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