So I'm getting this condenser mic:
I read through the description and it said it requires phantom power. After a quick google I found this: http://www.amazon.com/ART-Phantom-III-Power-Supply/dp/B0002E57RK
Before I get them, can someone tell me what I'll have to do with the mic and the phantom power? I'm worried I might overload the voltage or something.
Some mics need their own power supply. Phantom power provides them with taht through the same XLR cable taht connects them to the PA. Many mixers provide phantom power for mics.

For details, look it up on Wikipedia.
the description on the amazon link tells u what it does/is
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Yeah that wiki article is pretty confusing. If I'm plugging the mic into the Phantom Power, how will I get what I want to record into something such as a multi-track recorder? Do I need another cable for the Mic Out jack?

EDIT: Wait a second. I read another article and it said "Phantom power can be generated from sound equipment such as mixing consoles and preamplifiers."
I think my mixer has Phantom Power but I haven't realized it.
Yeah.... it does.
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