Whenever I plug my Strat and Metal Muff into my GLX65 and crank the volume, I get this really annoying, screechy feedback. What exactly is causing this? Is it because of my strat's single coils? Would humbuckers fix that?
sometimes its the pedals or you failing to mute the strings fully. Some pedal effects when cranked up like to osscilate, its just a common thing.
turning down the volume and standing further away would help more.
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you can get a noise suppressor, and are you selecting two pickups in your strat? they're usually reverse wound and act like 'buckers.
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No, I'm using just the bridge pickup. And I was thinking about getting an ISP Decimator a while back...
Standing too close will do that, as well as facing the amp as pointed out. So, don't do that. Having single coils doesn't make it any easier. Also, if that doesn't work, you may want to have the wiring looked at, as it may not be grounded correctly.

If all else is fine, then the ISP Decimator is the way to go, I love mine.
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Wow, really? Facing away from the amp...that's awesome.

youd be suprised how much that helps,
and its the single coils that are causing it
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