Poll: EX-7, Whammy, or other
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Digitech EX-7 Expression Pedal
1 50%
Digitech Whammy Pedal
1 50%
EX-7 with the FSX3 footswitch
0 0%
Other - that you've named in your post
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Voters: 2.
Hey, im at a crossroads of which to buy, the EX-7 here :


then theres the one ive been dreaming of for a very long time :


But, does the EX-7 have a stomp on/off switch? Because on the pics i cant see one, and if i was to buy one, would this be worth it aswel? http://www.gear4music.com/DigiTech_FS3X_3-Button_Footswitchsefv_5.html

Because id rarther have complete control of the EX-7 rarther than either ON or OFF during an entire song.

I looked at the EX-7 because its basically a multi effect pedal in a very enclosed space, but i looked at the whammy ovbiously due to being a muse a fan and just in general wanting a whammy.

Im leaning towards the EX-7, if it has a killswitch, ill get the EX-7, otherwise theres a hard decision :p

Can you please post your experiences with either pedals or which you would buy?

My music genre is a wide span, from rock to hard rock, to classical guitar, soft acoustic, well myspace says it better really, www.myspace.com/zenith1991 - go to the site if you want to see what artists for more in depth understanding.

If you can name other pedals that are better than these and are around the £80 - £130 mark, please do. However i do Veto zoom pedals because i believe there awful. Thanks alot
I'm pretty sure that the EX-7 works just like a regular wah with the on-off stuff, correct me if I'm wrong though. but if the EX-7 works just like a regular whammy (which is what I'm getting from the description) why not just buy it and you can have the whammy AND a few other useful effects?