So, i play guitar but my friend is just starting at bass and we're going to jam tomorrow.
His amp is quite big so he cant bring it to my house[about 2 kilometers far].

My question is: can I use my amp[the one from the squier pack] with no problem or not?
It's just for low volume, I wont go much more then 2[of 10].

Other thing is: I have a zoom G2.1u, is it wise to use with de bass or it wont do anything to the sound[will it work]?

Need a name to my band

Ozzy and Zakk ROCKS

Fuc*ing bad gear:
Squier Strat
Squier amp [from de pack --']
pedal ZOOM G2.1x

In terms of buying:
Fender 100W amp
It should be fine, but it won't sound good.

And don't use the Zoom. Even if it had anything that would come in handy for the bass, which it doesn't, it would kill whatever bit of bass you might get through that amp.
It'll work, but it'll sound like a fart and you won't get any low end. And no Zoom for the bass. It's bad enough that you're using a guitar amp and getting no low end, but using a guitar effect will just rape it.
I've done it before by killing the lows but cranking the gain to get distortion. That way you hear enough upper harmonics to be able to play. Granted, it will sound like ass, but it does work, and it is safe.