hey guys, thought id start a thread, because i have serious writers block. not lyrically wise, but i just cant seem to come up with any guitar tunes. help? please?
im in the same place as you man
what i do is just learn a song that i really like then use the same notes from that, but played differently. mess around with stuff you know for long enough you always come up with something
Just play random stuff. You'll never know what you might come up with. Then find a scale to put it on later if you don't think it sounds just right.

Or, kind of like ShadesOfNight said, play songs that you like, then think of how a TV show might rip the song off so they don't have to pay for it. I've come up with a few riffs like that, lol.

Just a heads up, this thread might be closed because it's not about lyrics. >.>