Okay, I bought a Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 from ebay, which i collected today. Great condition, £350.

I have one probelm, when i tried the amp, it worked great, But when testing the reverb and presence knobs when i got home, it just didnt want to work.
After contacting the seller, he advised that it would be the reverb box at the base of the amp, so i took that out and checked that the connections were not faulty.
Still doesnt work.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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some preamp tubes may be dying.
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lucky i got a spare set included in the bundle then, you think i should out them straight in?
or could there be another problem
Thanks for the rapid reply.
preamp tubes can be thrown in. The power tubes, if you replace those might need some rebiasing. So you should be alright as long as they are the same pin numbers and type
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oooh, youve scared me now, think i should let my tutor get the blame if he breaks it?
It's really not that difficult, all you need to do is make sure you have the exact same type of tubes as originally in the amp (can be found in the manual or on the tubes). If you're going to replace the power tubes then you may need to rebias them as stated earlier. Then you would need a bias meter, but again that's not very difficult, there are guides on youtube etc.
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