I'm starting to save and upgrade my rig... trying to get a decent high gain tube amp with decent cleans on it as well. I play in a prog black metal band so i need clarity and decent distortion. Here is what i might get:

Peavey 6505

Bugera 333

Marshall jcm 800

my budget would around 1500 bones. The bugera's is pretty new, and i havent tested one out, but there fairly good priced but a bit unreliable. Any tips?
Mesa Boog triple rect. ^.^ awesome amp
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a triple rec. might be a bit overkill, nobody needs an amp that loud. a dual recto should be plenty, and good for what you play
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^Bit soggy on the bass for Black Prog Metalz though.

Maybe an ENGL Screamer? I Don't know how expensive they are in the States though..
assuming your gigging, would you buy used? What major city on Earth are you near? Bones=$$$$$s?