I have a Yamaha RGX420s that i'm wanting to sell to get something a bit more upmarket.
I recently bought it of a friend but have no use for it. I've restrung it with D'addarios and dismantled and cleaned the tremolo system.

It has 2 humbucking pickups which i have measured to be around 16k(bridge) and 8k(neck) which is quite powerful.
It has a 5 was selector switch so in positions 2 and 4 you can essentially have single coils.
It has another 2 way switch which acts as a pickup 'bypass'. Basicly one position means you are using the bridge pickup and the other is whatever your selector switch is on. This switch is quite tempermental and nedds to be jiggled around to get it to work but this should be easy to fix. Apart from that everything is in working order.

I made a quick mod by blocking the tremolo so that i can downtune it, all it involved was drilling a hole under the back panel and screwing on a small bracket. Let me know if you want this left in but otherwise it will be easy to remove and will be as if unchanged.

When i got it there was a chunk of finish missing on the back corner but it is not very visible, i have covered it with nail varnish :p so that is less so. I will send a picture if anyone's interested.

Thata all i can think of to say about it

I was thinking around £120 UK for it but im flexible. I live in Sheffield UK and local pickup would be prefered but i can deliver it at the buyers expense.
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Pictures will help your sale mate.

UG Mods really have no sense of humour.....

o no, effort

il get some pics up as soon as i can be arsed
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