Can I? I have no speaker that I can use for the mic and I need something to use as a speaker. Will one of my Solid State Guitar Amplifiers Work, and if so, how will I get a good sound out of it?
Are you using a guitar with it at the same time?

It should work but I doubt you can get a good sound out of it.
It'll work. Won't damage your speaker or anything, I don't think, because guitars and the human voice have a similar frequency range (I think.)
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Alright, then how will I get the volume up over the guitars? Also, Should I position the speaker in front of the microphone to avoid feedback?
It makes it sound REALLY bad. However, if you have built in amp effects you can have a little fun with that. I've tried using Rolands and Marshalls as mic amps, but it seems that if you just go with a monitor it sounds clearer and overall a TON better.
how many watts is it? the more the better, but it's still not going to sound too great.
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you may want to go to guitar center and pick up a transformer
i was told plugging mics into a guitar amp can be bad news (something about impedance mismatch, low to high or high to low, i forget)
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Well a lot of guys uses mics for micing an harmonica through guitar amps though...
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It's no problem using a guitar amp with a mic, i used to do it all the time and it never did any damage. It won't sound great at all though, guitar amps are made for colouring the tone of a guitar, not for your voice. If you could get a keyboard amp or mini PA system it would work much better
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