Picked up a dunlop GCB-81 volume/boost pedal from a guitar show today. Thought it was just the standard volume until i got home and had a good look at it and found out it's pretty rare. But I digress...

The gain is swithed on by a standard button like the wah's, but is it possible and if so how easy, to add an LED to say when the boost is on. Runs off standard 9v battery and can try get a pic of the insides.
There we go, the guts of the thing, pretty mucky and needs a good clean but there we go
hmm that's a pretty nice little pedal. Can you give the specific model? I may want one of my own. =]
if you take out the board, are there any visible traces on the back?
I ask 'cuz i kno tht on a crybaby, gnd is connected to one side of the battery and thats how the 3PDT led mod is powered...
Just bringing this thread back up, it's about time I actually got onto this. Basically I'm looking at having an LED when the boost is activated, any ideas anyone. I've taken pics of the front and back board. The red is the live from the battery and the black next to it is the negative. But I'm worried about the popping sound you can get when doing this on a wah. Suggestions anyone??